Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lakelan's Birthday at Home

Lakelan had lots of fun with all of his neighborhood friends to celebrate the BIG 2!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Lakelan's School Birthday Party

One of the great rituals practiced in Montessori are birthdays and how they relate to the Earth and it's beings. They explain to the children that it takes one whole year for Earth to circle the sun. The teacher explains to the children each year of life of the child, relating it to nature. It was very neat to see this tradition take place and to see how Lakelan interacts with his classmates.

Happy Birthday Lakelan!

Oh how our Lakelan has grown! Lakelan recently turned two and it was definitely a bittersweet. It is funny how I just could not wait for Kaden to surprise us with the next stages of his life, to entertain us with his new tricks and milestones. This is where baby number two differs in a HUGE way.

Though I am very proud of all of Lakelan's new found milestones, I feel a tinge of sadness every time he shows us another skill checked off the list. I just want to embrace the chubby legs and cheeks because through experience with the first baby you quickly learn how fast these things flash before your eyes.
I sit in deepest thought about this process when I am rocking him in my arms knowing that pretty soon he will not want any part of this needed daily ritual. I often find myself picking that sweet sleeping baby up out of his crib just to sit and rock him and bask in my zen state that only a sleeping baby in your arms can put you in.

Alas babies must grow so I will happily report his milestones that have made his Daddy and I so proud to be the parents of this sweet, charming two year old!

Lakelan has the special gift of lighting up a room with pure cuteness. Don't think for one second that he does not know how cute he is.....oooohhhh he knows! His teacher told me that Lakelan will most definitely be a comedian when he grows up and I would have to agree. He is the funniest kid I know and he doesn't even have many words to express his comedic genius....yes he is that talented. I can't imagine what will come out of his mouth when he puts full sentences together! I can only imagine what we will hear while in the checkout line in a busy store, or at school, we are preparing ourselves for embarrassment!

With his comedy comes a very sincere and tender sweetness. He loves to give hugs and kisses to anyone and everyone. The polar opposite of his big brother, he will snuggle for an hour in the rocking chair, he is very polite, never forgetting to say please and thank you.
Lakelan also loves to pick on Kaden and Puddin. We often joke that if you cannot hear Lakelan just wait for the growl of the dog or the screams of Kaden and there Lakelan will be picking his battle(yes I know the apple does not fall far from the tree). Many times Lakelan will just run and wrestle Kaden to the ground just to see what Kaden will do next.

He loves trucks, cars, trains, books, and legos in that order. It is funny how much he gravitates toward trucks. He loves the sounds of motor vehicles no matter what they might be and he will hear an airplane a mile away. He and Kaden often spend hours playing trains. In fact Nathan and I decided that the train tracks in the center of the floor were just going to have to remain permanent fixtures of the living room. He has begun pretend play, turning his legos or pencils into airplanes.

We are so proud of who he has become and, though I come closer and closer to losing a baby, I am so excited for what he has to share with the world in the future!